What is OsteoAnchor

OsteoAnchoris a new type of surface architecture for improving the lifespan for patients of cementless orthopaedic implants, such as hip and knee replacements. The unique aspect of OsteoAnchor is the multitude of claw features that protrude from a porous lattice and which embed into the patient’s bone during the implantation operation.

These claws prevent small motions of the implant when the patient begins to mobilise, thus allowing the in-growth of hard bone rather than fibrous tissue into the underlying porous substructure. This hard bone in-growth fixes the implant in place for long-term functionality. No other surface coating on the market provides such a secure initial fixation.

Multiple Applications

Our OsteoAnchor clinical team, led by KOL orthopaedic surgeon Mr Bill Curtin, has provided key input throughout the technology development and testing phases. There is  strong clinical appetite for the technology being applied to hip replacement systems and is particularly relevant for revision hip arthroplasty where the patient’s bone stock is poor, and also for conservative (short) hip stems. 

OsteoAnchor technology is applicable to many other orthopaedic implant devices such as knee, shoulder, ankle, elbow, wrist and finger implants.

Competitive Advantage

Competing products include implants with plasma sprayed or beaded coatings and more recently implants with porous metal coatings such as porous tantalum. OsteoAnchor technology offers the following competitive advantages over these coatings:

  • Improved primary fixation, leading to better bone in-growth and reduced incidence of subsidence and/or loosening of the implant.

  • Longer lifetime of the implant in-vivo due to improved primary and secondary fixation.

  • A one step manufacturing process, where the surface architecture is integral to the implant core.

  • Lower total production cost due to the simplified manufacturing process.

  • Higher potential bone ingrowth due to a deeper porous structure.

What is OsteoHipfix

OsteoHipfixis a new type of hip fracture fixation device for the treatment of intertrochanteric  fractures. Advanced bench and human cadaver testing is currently underway, led by KOL orthopaedic surgeon Mr Derek Bennett.

Our Objectives

We are keen to engage with potential investors and business partners interested in licensing or co-development, to bring these high potential technologies to market

This project has been funded from Ireland's EU Structural Funds Programmes 2007 - 2013, co-funded by the Irish Government and the European Union